How to get a logbook loan

To receive a logbook loan, a consumer should understand what a logbook loan is. European vehicles come with a V5 logbook which is comparable to an American title in a car. The logbook is proof of legal ownership of the automobile and can be used as collateral for a loan in need. This is when a logbook lender steps in to lend money to a vehicle owner, up to the value of the automobile at the time of the loan. Most logbook lenders will only lend money on a car that is under ten years of age.

Obtaining a logbook loan is an easy, straightforward process, and many people will choose a logbook loan on their vehicle over a bank loan or personal loan because of their credit past. Logbook lenders do not look into a vehicle owner’s credit history. There is no credit check required to receive a logbook loan. That’s why people say they are attracted to a logbook loan on their car’s value.

As easy as it may seem to apply and receive a logbook loan, someone seeking money from their V5 logbook should first check with several logbook lenders in their area to be sure they meet all the qualifications before visiting a logbook lender location. Certain logbook lenders may have different conditions or regulations than others, and an individual may not meet them all. To save time and not be turned down, it is a good idea to start online or on the phone before heading out for a logbook loan.

Individuals seeking a logbook loan must be 18 years of age or older before they are eligible for a logbook loan and they need to be the owner registered on the logbook. There can be no other financial liens against the logbook at the time of a logbook loan. For example, a consumer cannot have more than one logbook loan at a time or owe money to a bank or car dealer and also obtain a logbook loan.

Another reason people are flocking to logbook loan providers is that of the ease of getting quick cash. When an individual has found themselves in financial hard times, they could have run into an emergency with their house or family members causing extra bills; they need money fast. The best way to get the funds quickly is through a logbook lender. There is no credit check, and the paperwork is minimal.

An individual seeking a logbook loan will need to bring with them to the lender’s office proof of income, residence and age if they are 18+ years of age. Some logbook lenders will require proof of ownership of the vehicle, which should be on the logbook and that there is no other financial lien against the logbook.

The fact that there is no credit check with a logbook loan is possibly the number one reason most people pursue a logbook loan. Individuals who have filed for bankruptcy missed payments have charge-offs, or other blemishes on their credit reports have a difficult time securing money from traditional avenues such as banks. With a logbook lender, since the individual is over 18 years of age, has a job and the car is acceptable, they qualify and will get their money in a matter of hours, a day max.

Besides being easy to obtain, a logbook loan could help an individual rebuild their credit to a good status. When the person with the logbook loan repays each month, on time, and finishes paying the logbook loan, the logbook lender may report the transactions to the recording credit bureaus as a positive one. To find a logbook Loans that best suits your needs visit