Sep 2, 2015
Hacking the Obesity Epidemic: Obesity Data Challenge Winners Announced


The Health Data Consortium is a collaboration among government, non-profit, and private sector organizations working to foster the availability and use of open health data to drive innovations that improve health and health care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to liberate health data to ignite innovation and foster collaboration amongst health data users and stakeholders for the benefit of everyone.  We will promote responsible health data use and hasten the movement through advocacy, education, and targeted "catalyst" programs.

We have developed three foundational strategies that we believe will transform the use of health data and accelerate the benefits dramatically:

  • Open health data: Focusing initially on government, HDC will advocate for release of deidentified data at all levels in order to improve health outcomes, inform choices, increase transparency, and drive accountability across the system. We will promote the operational “readiness” of the data – it must be documented, supported, and continually improved to ensure its safe and broad use.
  • Enable and promote data sharing across the health system: HDC will promote responsible health data sharing policies, standards, practices, collaborations, and reforms that improve health outcomes, catalyze innovation and facilitate research, and drive efficiencies. This effort will require a balance between the missions of the public and private sectors – a balance we believe is achievable through cooperation and partnering among the many stakeholder groups.
  • Promote a human centered health system, powered by health data: It’s about better health and a more personal health care experience. HDC will promote a vision for health data exchange that elevates the role of each of us, empowers patients with information and control of their data, advocates for secure information sharing policies, and seeks to create a robust patient information framework to improve patient outcomes, and the healthcare system.

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