Oct 1, 2015
Health Data Consortium Announces 2015-2016 George Thomas Post-Graduate Fellow

Sep 2, 2015
Hacking the Obesity Epidemic: Obesity Data Challenge Winners Announced


The Health Data Consortium is a public-private partnership that drives innovative uses of health information to improve health outcomes for individuals, enhance the effectiveness of the health care system, and build healthier communities.

What We Do

  • Advocate for the broadest access to and use of health information.
  • Convene leaders from the public and private sectors to discuss the challenges in leveraging health data and develop innovative solutions that promote the use of health information for the public good.
  • Provide a forum to connect, empower, and encourage innovators committed to transforming the health care system through openness of data.
  • Spread disruptive innovations using health information across the public and private sectors .
  • Provide useful, objective information to the public and policymakers on health data sharing policies, standards, practices, collaborations, and reforms that improve decision-making and health outcomes, catalyze innovation, facilitate research, and drive efficiencies.

Come join the health data liberation movement

What Role Will You Play?

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