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Health Data Consortium
Unleashing the Power of Open Health Data


The Health Data Consortium is a collaboration among government, non-profit, and private sector organizations working to foster the availability and innovative use of data to improve health and health care.

awardThe Consortium advocates with data sources to promote best practices and information sharing, and works with businesses, entrepreneurs, and academia to help them understand how to use data to develop new products, services, apps, and research insights.

We build our strategies on Four Pillars — to evangelize, connect, spark, and enable — to provide a space for all stakeholders to come together. With large volumes of health data already available and the volume growing exponentially, creating a health data “ecosystem” can save money and save lives.

Support for the Consortium, as well as for Health Datapalooza™, has been provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, California HealthCare Foundation, Department of Health and Human Services, Institute of Medicine, Esri, Healthways,  and others.

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